"Sam" the sheriff of Mayberry, "Smokey" the fire chief and " Woodsy" the pollution patrol will help make your adventure safe and fun during your stay at Dana Farms at Mayberry. The reserving person will be considered the "group leader" of your party and will be responsible for all persons following the rules in the party. Each cabin comes with a complete "safety & rules" manual and we urge you to read it in its entirety at your earliest convenience upon your arrival. The following rules will be strictly enforced.

Fire Safety
This recreational area is situated among thousands of acres of pasture and prairie fields. In the hot and dry seasons, a grass fire and potential is at its highest. Out of control fires can cause catastrophic damage not only to the immediate area but also to thousands of acres of fields, habitat and communities in the area. Campground and barbecue fires are clearly designated and fires outside of these designated areas are absolutely prohibited. Children around fires must always be supervised. Fire extinguishers are located in each utility room of the cabins. Also, a 100-foot garden hose is located outside each cabin

Smoking rules
All cabins are non-smoking units. Smoking is only permitted in the immediate outside cabin and parking areas. Tobacco butt receptacles are provided and must be used. Smoking is not permitted off the cabin site, at the lake or in the woods or fields. Improper smoking that results in damage including but not limited to tobacco butts scattered about the grounds will be assessed and charged to the reserving group leader