Going Green!

Dana Farms at Mayberry is strongly committed to preserving our environment in every way. We want to make sure that the natural setting of today is here to enjoy for generations to come. Our vision of protecting beautiful views, native grasses and wildlife and conserving energy can be seen throughout the resort. Here are just some of the ways we are working to create a sustainable, natural setting for our guests.

  • All of the rain water from the cabin roof’s and out-buildings are channeled through pipe directly to the lake. Thousands of gallons of fresh rainwater during a rain are directly deposited into the lake, making the lake cleaner for both fishing and swimming.
  • Large round bales of Nebraska native prairie grass are harvested for local livestock.
  • Massive tree trunks harvested from the farm are used for a multitude of uses including firewood and the picnic tables shown.
  • Youth groups participate in farm programs for a discounted entrance fee, teaching youth about conservation and maintenance of farm ground.
  • Bird houses of all types are situated about the farm to promote bird habitat, both game and beauty species and nature viewing.
  • Indoor out-houses and hot water shower houses are ADA accessible and can accommodate reasonable sized youth groups. These facilities as well as the cabins are equipped with point of use tankless water heaters that not only assures everyone a hot shower but also uses less energy than traditional hot water tank systems. Youth facility has two ADA Bathrooms.