Water Safety

Water Safety
Swimming and lake activities such as fishing and canoeing are enjoyed at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty. Floatation devices are strongly encouraged. Diving off the lake dock is prohibited. Children must be supervised at all times.

If You Intend On Going Out On Lake
Fishing is encouraged. The lake is plentiful with Bluegill, Sunfish and Bass. As with all managed lakesites, there are some simple guidelines to follow: You should have a state of Nebraska fishing license. If you are from out of town, a non-resident license can be purchased. Catch and release is welcome, however if you like to clean and eat your fish, please note the limits per person listed below.

Fish Taking Limits
To keep a lake healthy there is a method of what fish should be taken and what fish should be released. Fish including Bluegill, Sunfish and Bass can be taken, cleaned, kept or eaten if under 13 inches in length. If you do not intend to clean and consume the fish you catch you must release them back to the lake. If you do not intend on eating your catch, please let fish go.

Each adult or youth can keep up to the following:

1 Bluegill, 1 Sun Fish or 1 Bass 13" or less


2 of any 1 species of fish for consumption in a 3 day period.

At times the lake may be on a catch and release program. Check with your Nebraska Prairieland guide about fish taking limits during your stay.

Sunset over lake 2

For more information, please call Nebraska Prairieland Adventures toll free 1-888-660-2706.