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Dana Farms at Mayberry

Emergency Contacts

At Dana Farms and Nebraska Prairieland Adventures, we are committed to you having a safe vacation or short stay with us. Below is a list of emergency contacts. These same phone numbers and contacts are listed and visible at our outdoor emergency phone center.

LOCAL HOSPITAL: Pawnee County Memorial Hospital, 600 I Street, Pawnee City, NE 402-852-2231

LOCAL SHERIFF OFFICE: Pawnee County 911 – or 402-852-2969



CLOSEST PHARMACY: Pete’s Pharmacy Pawnee City, 643 G Street, 402-852-2321

Located on 614 Ave. between Road 717 and 718, 4 miles west of Steinauer, NE

All cabins have first aid kits in the utility rooms and a fire extinguisher for your safety.

Dana Farms at Mayberry

ADA Accessibility

All sidewalks around cabin area are handicapped accessible.

“The Rooster” is ADA Accessible.

Toilets are ADA height.

Outhouses and Rooster Cabin have ADA grab bars.

Public hot shower area is handicapped capable.

Dana Farms at Mayberry

Native Grassland Rules

Help us keep the land beautiful and enjoyable for not only you and others but the wildlife that depends on the habitat to live. Natural prairie fields are delicate and provide habitat that wildlife and birds need to survive. Please stay on the designated trails. Feel free to hike the wooded areas at your own risk. Give a hoot – don’t pollute. Do not leave anything you would not see in nature behind. Excessive trash around the area will result in an assessment and charge to the reserving person or group leader’s account. Children must be supervised at all times. No vehicles are allowed in the fields or down by the lake, except for farm maintenance personnel or Nebraska Prairieland Adventures guides.

Dana Farms at Mayberry

Water Safety and Fish Limits

Water Safety

All vehicles other than farm maintenance are not allowed at the lake. Swimming and lake activities such as fishing and canoeing are enjoyed at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty. Floatation devices are strongly encouraged. Diving off the lake dock is prohibited. Children must be supervised at all times. Fishing is permitted at night. However, excessive noise past 10:00 p.m. is not tolerated. Please use common sense and be mindful of other cabin groups and families on site. Loud profanity will not be tolerated. All worm containers, pop cans, beer cans, paper items and general items of trash will be brought back to cabin area and placed into a trash receptical. Littering will not be tolerated.

You are responsible to bring your own flotation devices and/or life jackets. However, life Jackets can be made available upon request.

John Boats, canoes and Paddle Boats are available for rental when booking your stay.

If You Intend On Going Out On Lake
Fishing is encouraged. The lake is plentiful with Bluegill, Sunfish and Bass. As with all managed lakesites, there are some simple guidelines to follow: You should have a state of Nebraska fishing license. If you are from out of town, a non-resident license can be purchased. Catch and release is welcome, however if you like to clean and eat your fish, please note the limits per person listed below.

Fish Taking Limits
To keep a lake healthy there is a method of what fish should be taken and what fish should be released. Fish including Bluegill, Sunfish and Bass can be taken, cleaned, kept or eaten if under 13 inches in length. If you do not intend to clean and consume the fish you catch you must release them back to the lake. If you do not intend on eating your catch, please let fish go.

Each adult or youth can keep up to the following:

1 Bluegill, 1 Sun Fish or 1 Bass 13″ or less


2 of any 1 species of fish for consumption in a 3 day period.

At times the lake may be on a catch and release program. Check with your Nebraska Prairieland guide about fish taking limits during your stay.

Dana Farms at Mayberry

Fire Safety and Smoking Rules

“Sam” the sheriff of Mayberry, “Smokey” the fire chief and “Woodsy” the pollution patrol will help make your adventure safe and fun during your stay at Dana Farms at Mayberry. The reserving person will be considered the “group leader” of your party and will be responsible for all persons following the rules in the party. Each cabin comes with a complete “safety & rules manual” and we urge you to read it in its entirety at your earliest convenience upon your arrival. The following rules will be strictly enforced.

Fire Safety
This recreational area is situated among thousands of acres of pasture and prairie fields. In the hot and dry seasons, a grass fire potential is at its highest. Out of control fires can cause catastrophic damage not only to the immediate area but also to thousands of acres of fields, habitat and communities in the area. Campground and barbecue fires are clearly designated and fires outside of these designated areas are absolutely prohibited. Children around fires must always be supervised. Fire extinguishers are located in each utility room of the cabins. Also, a 100-foot garden hose is located outside each cabin and a 100-foot hose is located by the outdoor fire pit and cooking griddle area.

Smoking rules
All cabins are non-smoking units. Smoking is only permitted in the immediate outside cabin and parking areas. Tobacco butt receptacles are provided and must be used. Smoking is not permitted off the cabin site, at the lake or in the woods or fields. Improper smoking that results in damage including but not limited to tobacco butts scattered about the grounds will be assessed and charged to the reserving group leader.

Dana Farms at Mayberry

Going Green!

Dana Farms at Mayberry is strongly committed to preserving our environment in every way. We want to make sure that the natural setting of today is here to enjoy for generations to come. Our vision of protecting beautiful views, native grasses and wildlife and conserving energy can be seen throughout the resort. Here are just some of the ways we are working to create a sustainable, natural setting for our guests.


  • All of the rain water from the cabin roof’s and out-buildings are channeled through pipe directly to the lake. Thousands of gallons of fresh rainwater during a rain are directly deposited into the lake, making the lake cleaner for both fishing and swimming.
  • Large round bales of Nebraska native prairie grass are harvested for local livestock.
  • Massive tree trunks harvested from the farm are used for a multitude of uses including firewood.
  • Youth groups participate in farm programs for a discounted entrance fee, teaching youth about conservation and maintenance of farm ground.
  • Bird houses of all types are situated about the farm to promote bird habitat, both game and beauty species and nature viewing.
  • Indoor out-houses and hot water shower houses are ADA accessible and can accommodate reasonable sized youth groups. These facilities as well as the cabins are equipped with point of use tankless water heaters that not only assures everyone a hot shower but also uses less energy than traditional hot water tank systems. Youth facility has two ADA Bathrooms.

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71775 614 Avenue
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Located on 614 Ave. between Road 717 and 718, 4 miles west of Steinauer, NE


+1 (402) 306-1952